Sell My Car

These days, many car owners are asking themselves, "Should I sell my car?" Who can blame them since we haven’t seen a seller’s market like this in years, and conditions may never be better to get top dollar for their vehicle, regardless of its condition. If you’re considering selling your car, truck, or SUV, we invite you to call our acquisition team at Ryan Buick GMC. There’s no easier way to get top dollar for your vehicle and ensure the transaction is easy and convenient.

Consumers often think of automobile dealerships exclusively for buying cars, but here at Ryan Buick GMC, we also have staff dedicated to purchasing high-quality vehicles to add to our extensive used inventory. We even purchase older cars and vehicles to help our customers make way for newer, more reliable transportation. In short, the Ryan Buick GMC promise extends to all aspects of your driving needs, which includes not just selling you a car.

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For anyone considering a sale, we recommend skipping the private marketplace and saving yourself a lot of time and headaches. Doing so eliminates the guesswork and the need for screening potential buyers. Unfortunately, classified ad sites and marketplaces are loaded with fraudulent listings and scammers posing as legitimate buyers. Why worry about these pitfalls when you can take care of your transaction with a few easy steps?

Selling your car to Ryan Buick GMC is the simplest way to ensure you get a great price and navigate the process with zero risk. Removing the variables and working with professionals whose sole expertise is buying and selling cars means cutting out stress and additional effort and eliminating the need to manage paperwork. Best of all, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the high prices we pay for the vehicles we purchase!

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Why Sell Your Car to a Dealership?

Selling your car to a dealership like Ryan Buick GMC means working with industry professionals who understand all the state and local laws associated with transferring a vehicle title and ensuring all documents are correctly executed. Private sellers often hit a wall when they learn all the paperwork associated with these transactions. Instead of googling multiple sites and using all your printer ink to compile the documents you’ll need for a private sale, consider giving us a call. You can even find the value of your vehicle online with our simple valuation tool.

Our acquisition team buys more vehicles than almost any other retailer around, which means it’s second nature to us. You won’t have to worry about knowing which documents you need or what the local Department of Motor Vehicles needs on the title. Our experts will handle the paperwork for you, so you can relax and get excited about simply receiving a check. It truly is that easy.

You might wonder about the newest app-based used vehicle companies that promise top dollar and a simple transfer process. Many buyers are drawn in by splashy ad campaigns and exciting app interfaces. Still, the fact is, you’ll have a hard time ever reaching a human being if something goes wrong, which it often does, as evidenced by the many terrible published google reviews. Do you want to trust your vehicle sales transaction to a computer algorithm? Why not work with real people dedicated to getting you the best price for your vehicle, like our team here at Ryan Buick GMC?

What to Do Before You Sell Your Car

If you’re overwhelmed with the steps required to prepare your vehicle for sale, we’re here to help. First, you don’t have to spend hundreds on comprehensive detailing; that is, if you choose to sell to Ryan Buick GMC. It’s a different story for private sellers, who often shell out big bucks to prep their cars for the private marketplace. Hiring a detailer is costly and won’t always make a big enough difference in the price you’ll end up getting.

As a Ryan Buick GMC customer, we ask that you remove all your personal belongings from the vehicle, including garage door openers and phone chargers. Empty the cupholders and the consoles, and check the seat back pockets to ensure you’ve removed your things. Next, locate all the key fobs and stick extras in the console. You’ll also want to grab the original tires if you’ve fitted your car with winter tires or other aftermarket tires and wheels.

Forget costly car washes and backbreaking vacuuming; our team will recondition your vehicle before it ends up on our lot. Emptying the car of your personal belongings before you arrive will save you time and energy and ensure you won’t feel rushed. If your car has a few small door dings and scratches, it shouldn’t affect its value; however, be assured that our team will evaluate your vehicle fairly and consider the bigger picture, including current market demand.

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What Paperwork Do You Need?

We ask that you also consolidate all necessary paperwork, including the vehicle title and registration, and make sure you arrive with your driver’s license on hand. If you’ve had service done on your car, it’s also helpful to hang onto all service records, but if you’ve misplaced them, don’t worry. The goal is a simple transaction with no surprises. If you’re missing paperwork or still have questions, simply reach out to our team for assistance.

If your vehicle is still held by a lienholder in either a loan or lease program, leave the paperwork to us. Ryan Buick GMC handles multiple transactions on vehicles that aren’t owned outright, so our auto financing team will work directly with the lending institution to secure the correct paperwork and transfer the title. You won’t have to wait, and you won’t have to endure frustrating calls to your lender’s customer service line to coordinate the sale. We understand all the steps required to submit the loan or lease payoff and release the vehicle from the lienholder’s control.

If you own your vehicle outright, bring the title when you drop off your car. We will show you where to sign and handle sending the new title request to the Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf. The goal is an easy, stress-free transaction that gets you in and out quickly and ensures you receive top dollar. If you’re buying or leasing a new or used vehicle from us, we’ll get you all set up in your new loan and apply the trade value to lower the price even more.

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